Early Probate Records of Lafayette County contain numerous cases in which the word "slave" was used either as the surname or in the "notes" field of the file summary. Most of the case summaries simply list enslaved persons with a first name.  Sometimes, there is another snippet of detail such as age, description, or relationship to other enslaved persons at the same location. This is only an index created from probate files. It is not meant to be a complete listing of all enslaved people in Lafayette County.


The tables shown below have copied the surname of the person whose estate or property was being dealt with in the case as an aid to establishing what surname a person may have chosen or may have been given following their emancipation. Some surnames have multiple pages.There is a date and case number shown for each file. This is only a starting point for researching additional information about the people listed. The Lafayette County Chancery Court, here in Oxford, has most of these files available to the public, by case number, and we recommend a trip there to find additional clues in the folders.

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